The Town Hall will present a special streaming concert event with music icon Judy Collins as she recreates her legendary 1964 New York City concert hall debut. Collins filmed the show onstage at The Town Hall and will be streamed on February 12 at 8 pm EST. Tickets are $40 and are available at The Town Hall

A lover of songwriters and the issues they wrote about, Collins said, “What a time that was 1964. I was very nervous since my record company decided to record this concert and put it out as an album. I had just been to a Bob Dylan concert, heard the Lonesome Death of Hattie Carrol, and knew I had to record it.”

“It was such a tumultuous time in the world. The Vietnam war was just rolling along, breaking into thunder and lightning and anxiety and pain. People were burning their draft board cards, trying to get to Canada and facing up to going to Vietnam where many of them would die.”

“Making this album and concert at The Town Hall – my very first solo appearance at one of the great concert stages in New York – was a relief and joyous event. It feels right to go back to the material and time period now with the knowledge and life lessons learned in 2020.”

Describing this seminal moment, The New York Times wrote, “Judy Collins made her New York concert debut Saturday at The Town Hall and established herself without delay in the front rank of American balladeers. By the evening’s end, she had moved her large audience to cheers, whistles, and bravos-all heartily deserved.”

Judy Collins: A Return to Her Legendary 1964 Concert will be released on vinyl later this year.

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