Photo Album: The Dreary Sisters

The Deary Women

Submitted by: Dr. Daniel Harrop
April / May 2008

John Deary was the son of Patrick and Beatrice Deary, who emigrated from near Kerry in the 1850’s, eventually settling in Rhode Island.  Likewise, Katherine Close was the daughter of James and Katherine Close, from County Down, whose family also settled in Rhode Island. John and Katherine were married at St. Michael Church, Providence, where all their five children were baptized. In addition to the four girls pictured above, the family also included a brother, James (1892-1918), who died in the flu pandemic of 1918. His death was the inspiration for this group picture of the remaining daughters.

Mary (Mae) never married, but lived the longest, and had a career with the local phone company. Helen married first, soon after the picture was taken, and had a daughter, but no grandchildren. Margaret married businessman William Nolan, while my grandmother, Catherine, a telephone operator for the City of Providence, married Providence policeman Richard Murray Hickey. Their one surviving child, my mother, Dorothy, and her husband, Dr. Daniel S. Harrop Jr., produced myself and my siblings – John and Katherine Deary’s only great-grandchildren.

Submitted by: Dr. Daniel Harrop.

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