Johnny Depp’s Irish Roots

By Irish America Staff

Johnny Depp recently spoke to the Irish Independent promoting his remake of the popular film, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. In the interview he spoke enthusiastically about his love for Ireland and the Irish culture.

Depp’s Irish roots come from his mother, Betty Sue Palmer. In addition to being Irish, Depp is also German and Cherokee. He is very curious about his Irish side and wants to travel in the Emerald Isle in order to trace his ancestry.

“I’d really like to [trace Irish roots], because there’s a part of me that says, hey, I might be related to Phil Lynott or someone great like that.”

He continued, “I want to meet up with J.P. Donleavy too, see if I’m related to him. I’m hoping to get over to Ireland again soon.”

Depp was in Ireland in the mid 1990’s to work on the ill-fated film Divine Rapture with the late Marion Brando.

“That was a shame,” he says. “I turned up there purely because Marion asked me to. Didn’t have a script and I didn’t find out until 24 hours before cameras started rolling that I was supposed to have an Irish accent.”

Depp would later get the chance to use his Irish accent in his star turn as a wandering gypsy in Chocolat ♦

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    this doesnt tell u what his irish descent is this is terrible

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