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The First Word:
Making the Most of
What You’ve Got

“Being Irish means being the best you can be by making the most of what you’ve got. It’s about being loyal to your friends and family, sharing with them all the joys that make life worth living.”  – Wall Street 50 Honoree Sean Kelly. In the 1980s when Kathleen Lynch was making her way toRead more..

The First Word:
Let’s Talk About the Climate

I’m reminded as we go to press that in Ireland we always talk about the weather. “How about the weather now?” was an oft heard refrain of my childhood, one that brought the answer, “The weather is up.” The weather is up! Or should we say, something is up with the weather. It’s too darnRead more..

The First Word:
A Visit to Irish America

I’ve come to think of Irish America as an actual place unto itself, sort of like in an Irish fairytale where someone is magically transported to another world. And sometimes, if you’re lucky, you get to take a trip to that place without ever leaving American soil. That’s how it was for me the weekRead more..

The First Word: Hall of Fame

Past, Present, and Future In this issue, in which we celebrate the new inductees into our Hall of Fame, I’m reminded of great Irish Americans of the past such as John Barry, the father of the American Navy; John F. Kennedy, our first Catholic president; and Eugene O’Neill,  playwright and Nobel Laureate. Our incoming HallRead more..

The First Word: We Are All Immigrants

And  so it begins. A new year, and already a happy one with the election of an Irish mayor in Boston. And who better to embody the tough, tireless, tender trajectory of our Irish story, than Marty Walsh, son of immigrants and champion of the working class. Marty’s campaign, aimed at a range of ethnic and social groups,Read more..

The First Word:
Making a Difference

This magazine was created to bring you the stories of our people. And, as is often the case, the best stories are those where the mind and will win out over circumstances. One such story is of Michael Dowling, a man born into poverty whose commitment, focus and extraordinary hard work have brought him toRead more..

The First Word: Faugh A Ballagh

“The past is never dead. It’s not even past.” – William Faulkner,  from Requiem for a Nun (1950) Irish America’s impact on the history of America is well established, as the articles in this issue will attest.  From titans of industry such as the silver king John Mackay, to the boxer John Morrissey, who wasRead more..

The First Word: Sláinte! Good Health

“What’s exciting is that millions of families . . .will have access, some for the first time, to quality, affordable options in just a few months.”       – Secretary of Health Kathleen Sebelius As the national debate on Obamacare takes center stage we thought it an opportune time to interview Secretary of Health KathleenRead more..

The First Word: Grace and Healing

The First Word, by Patricia Harty. Our hearts weep for Boston. This most Irish of American cities has seen its share of tragedy, but when the bombings at the marathon turned a sporting celebration into a scene of destruction, it was a fresh horror that is hard to process. This city, where at least aRead more..

The First Word: The Emigrants’ Flame

The First Word, by Patricia Harty. “Cuimhnígí ar na daoine ar tháinig sibh.” (Remember the people from whom you came.) – Irish America Hall of Fame motto It’s that time of year when everyone is a little bit Irish, and a good time to reflect on the very special relationship between Ireland and Irish America.Read more..