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USS Theodore Roosevelt:
Operation Enduring Freedom

“Fear of attack on home soil is a new feeling for this generation of Americans. The crew of USS Theodore Roosevelt has been working practically non-stop since September 11 to combat terrorism. We feel fortunate in that unlike most Americans, we were actually in a position to take action in response to the attacks onRead more..

Irishmen Arrested in Columbia
Claim to be Tourtists

In August, three Irish men claiming to be tourists, were arrested in Columbia after having apparently taking part in a five week summer training camp with a Columbian terrorist group known as the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (“FARC”). The three men, Martin McCauley, James Monaghan and Niall Connolly, entered Colombia on false papers claimingRead more..

British and Irish Governments Seek U.S. Ban on Real IRA

The Irish and British governments have asked the United States to designate the Real IRA as a terrorist organization, a step that would prevent the organization from raising funds in the U.S. The Real IRA is widely believed to be responsible for planting the bomb that killed 31 people – including unborn twins – inRead more..