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Irish Eye on Hollywood: Dublin Murders & What
the Future Holds

The Starz network is in the same wait-and-see boat when it comes to its recent series Dublin Murders, which featured a fine bunch of Irish talent – including best-selling Irish-American writer Tana French, on whose books the series was based. Jeffrey Hirsch, president and CEO of Starz, told that the show’s ratings were impressive.Read more..

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DUBLIN MURDERS AIRING ON STARZ NETWORK A few years back, author Tana French told Irish America about her unusual journey from under-employed actress to “First Lady of Irish Crime.” “I needed a day job,” said French, an American-born longtime resident of Dublin. French ended up working on an archeological dig when she was bowled overRead more..

The First Lady of Irish Crime: Tana French

Tana French’s bestselling crime novels keep readers in suspense and mark this actress-turned-author as an astute observer of Irish life. She has been dubbed “the First Lady of Irish Crime,” drawing comparisons to Patricia Cornwell and even Agatha Christie. And yet, if Tana French had not moved to a new apartment a few years back,Read more..