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First Word: Inventing
The Future of Medicine

You would think after all this time as editor of this magazine, I would cease to be surprised at the mighty achievements of Irish-Americans. We have showcased the measure of that success down through the years, and yet the honorees profiled in this issue give me pause. The incredible work that they do – inRead more..

President Bush Honors
Robert Kennedy

On November 20th, President Bush, Ethel Kennedy, the widow of Robert Kennedy, and other members of the Kennedy clan attended a ceremony to rename the Justice Department headquarters after Robert Kennedy. Although somewhat surprising that the Republican Bush administration has chosen to honor a Democrat in this way, the impetus behind the honor came fromRead more..

The Other Kennedy

For the last 40 years, Americans have been fixated on the trials, tribulations and tragedies of the Kennedy family. Yet as the nation has kept its eyes focused on the Bobbys, Teddys and John-Johns of America’s “Royal Family,” a new Kennedy leader has quietly emerged. And this time, it’s a woman. ℘℘℘ Maryland Lieutenant GovernorRead more..

Our Jack

Pete Hamill on JFK

Somewhere in the shadowy land between myth and history lies the domicile of John F. Kennedy. The first United States president of Irish-Catholic descent, Kennedy was a man of many faces: war hero, orator, lover, creator, and visionary. He had it all, and it was all taken away, but in the end he gained immortality.Read more..