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The Last Irish Saloon

An old-time bar in Brooklyn, Farrell’s has served as a community center since the 1930s, and is the last marker of what was once a thriving Irish neighborhood. ℘℘℘ Farrell’s Bar, on the corner of 16th Street and 9th Avenue in Brooklyn, has been in the same location in Windsor Terrace since 1933. It wasRead more..

The 17th Christmas

The Greyhound roared up the Jersey Turnpike in the rain, its fierce power leaving the cars behind, the thick wheels ripping through the gathering pools of water with the driving stateliness of a cruiser. The bus that was carrying us home for that 1952 Christmas smelled of stale smoke and damp wool; on that detail,Read more..

Irish Eye on Hollywood: The Golden Age of New York Journalism

Legendary Irish American newspaper columnist Jimmy Breslin (right) is gone but will not be forgotten. Breslin, who died in March at the age of 88, left behind a series of classic columns as well as a handful of brilliant books, including gritty novels like Table Money, and insightful non-fiction like The Short Sweet Dream ofRead more..

Pete Hamill’s 2016 Hall of Fame Speech

Thank you very much. I… A couple of years ago, I broke two of my hips. I don’t know how, but it is a double pain in the you-know-what. Forgive me, thus, for remaining seated… Like all the others here in this room—not simply the people winning awards but all of us– I could notRead more..

Celebrating the 2016 Irish America Hall of Fame

President Bill Clinton received a Lifetime Achievement Award from Irish America magazine today, and Astronaut Col. Eileen Collins, Former Joint Chiefs Chair Gen. Martin Dempsey, Writer Pete Hamill, and Mutual of America Special Consultant Edward J.T. Kenney were inducted to the Irish America Hall of Fame at the Metropolitan Club in Manhattan. ℘℘℘ At a crowded MetropolitanRead more..

Pete Hamill

Pete Hamill is a much-lauded journalist, columnist, essayist, commentator, and novelist who has spent a career documenting stories from wars in Vietnam, Nicaragua, Lebanon, and Northern Ireland to rock and roll and the underclass of New York City. Born in 1935 in Brooklyn to Belfast immigrants who arrived in New York the same day theRead more..

Hall of Fame: Pete Hamill

If asked for a single word that accurately and completely sums up Pete Hamill’s career, there is only one answer – writer. His genre? Just about everything – novels, short stories, history, biography, memoir, magazine features, newspaper columns, television pilots, adapted film scripts, Bob Dylan liner notes. At his core though, he is a newsman,Read more..

Weekly Comment:
Announcing the 2016
Irish America Hall of Fame

Irish America magazine will present President Bill Clinton with a Lifetime Achievement Award and induct astronaut Eileen Collins, General Martin Dempsey, Pete Hamill, Edward Kenney to Irish America Hall of Fame. ℘℘℘ President Bill Clinton will receive a Lifetime Achievement award from Irish America magazine March 30th, at the 2016 Irish America Hall of Fame andRead more..

NYU Celebrating Irish Studies

New York University’s Glucksman Ireland House (GIH) honored McGraw Hill Financial’s Ted Smyth and writer Peter Quinn at its annual gala in February. Smyth, honored for his life-long commitment to building Irish and American business relationships, received the Lewis L. Glucksman Leadership award. The award is named for the late financier who, along with hisRead more..

“Scones for Pete Hamill”

On Monday, October 20th, Irish American Writers and Artists Inc. honored New York journalist and author Pete Hamill with the Eugene O’Neill Lifetime Achievement Award. Below is fellow journalist Dan Barry’s tribute to Hamill at the event at the Manhattan Club, upstairs at Rosie O’Grady’s Irish bar in Times Square. Also in attendance were Hamill’sRead more..