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Irish Jim

As James J. Braddock was rising out of boxing obscurity, and winning over the hearts of a Depression-ravaged nation, the legendary journalist Damon Runyan famously dubbed Braddock “Cinderella Man,” because of the fairy tale nature of Braddock’s comeback. That moniker was later used as the title of Jeremy Schaap’s brilliant book about Braddock, and RonRead more..

Eileen Collins

Eileen Collins doesn’t harp. She doesn’t fixate, but instead fixes. And though she may have high standards for herself and her work, she is not a believer in perfection. When asked about the influence of her parents on her career (her father, James, was a postal worker, strapped for cash, yet able to contribute toRead more..

Philly’s Rose

Sinead deRoiste was the first African-American Rose to compete in the Rose of Tralee competition in Ireland on August 24. A daughter of an Irish father and African-American mother, she proudly represented Philadelphia in the contest. Sinead is a niece of Adi Roche, the Irish founder of the Chernobyl Children Project. ♦

CSI’s New Irishman

One of the most anticipated new television series to debut this fall is Crime Scene Investigation (CSI): New York, the third installment in the highly successful CSI franchise. Up-and-coming Irish-American actor Eddie Cahill stars in the new show, playing Detective Don Flack, an NYPD officer. Cahill told Irish America that his new job is “aRead more..

Maureen O’Hara:
“The Greatest Guy”

Maureen O’Hara is in fine fettle despite having a slight cold. It’s the day after St. Patrick’s Day and she’s ensconced in a suite at the New York Athletic Cub. This bastion of maleness — the NYAC has only allowed women members since the late ’70’s — is exactly where you would expect to findRead more..

The Irish Character

A year before the American Revolution, Dr. Samuel Johnson wrote a letter to the bishop of Killaloe in which he remarked, “The Irish are a fair people; They never speak well of one another.” This clever characterization — or caricature, if you like — may rub you the wrong way, but you will recognize inRead more..

The Rebirth of Moya Brennan

If you don’t immediately recognize the name Moya Brennan, it’s only because she recently changed the spelling of her name. As the lead singer of Clannad, and now a successful solo artist in her own right, Brennan had been known as Maire Brennan for years. She explains, “I was not winning in trying to getRead more..

Meet Eve Bunting

It was only natural that the young Eve Bolton would grow up to be a writer, and a very prolific one who would produce more than 200 books for children. From her earliest years in Maghera, a small town in County Derry, books and stories filled her life. Both of her parents were great readers.Read more..

Irish American of the Year John Sweeney:
Defending America’s Workers

Sitting with me in the sleek conference room of the AFL-CIO’s executive suite overlooking the White House, John Sweeney presents a striking contrast to his surroundings. Portly in his suspenders and rumpled shirt with his jacket nowhere in sight, he appears totally unassuming. It would be easy to underestimate the man at first glance. TheRead more..

Clooney for Congress

Nick Clooney doesn’t fit the stereotypes typically applied to politicians. He recently announced that he will run as a Democrat in what promises to be a heated Congressional campaign in Northern Kentucky. He certainly hasn’t lived a boring life. And for a weekly columnist, former game show host and radio personality, father to one culturalRead more..