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The Ireland Funds 2018
NJ Golf Classic

On Monday, October 1st, supporters of The Ireland Funds gathered at Bayonne Golf Club for the 16th annual NJ Golf Classic. This year’s honoree was Bob Garrett, New York Office Managing Partner, KPMG LLP. After the opening brunch, Pat Tully, The Ireland Funds America VP of Development, welcomed the guests, went over the rules forRead more..

The Hoboken Guards
Take Senior Hurling Trophy

The Hoboken Guards of Hoboken, New Jersey won their first New York Senior Hurling Championship in August in New York’s Gaelic Park. They beat Tipperary New York by two goals and 29 points (2-29) to Tipperary’s two goals and 24 points (2-24.) (Each goal counts for three points. A point is scored over the bar.)Read more..

U.S. Pipe Band Win
All-Ireland Title

The St. Columcille United Gaelic Pipe Band from the Scots-Irish stronghold of Kearny, New Jersey made history when they became the first band outside of Ireland or the U.K. to win an All-Ireland Pipe Band Championship. In early July, the band competed in New Ross, County Wexford, against the best of the best in theRead more..

Jim McGreevey: N.J. Governor

As newly elected governor of a state that suffered a large loss of life in the September 11 attacks and has a large budget deficit, McGreevey’s strong leadership qualities are already being put to the test. In November 2001, Democrat McGreevey defeated Republican Bret Schundler in the New Jersey gubernatorial election. As former Mayor ofRead more..