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Desmond Lyons

A founder of the New York-based law firm Lyons McGovern, LLP, Desmond manages the legal needs of domestic and international high-growth companies, finance professionals, government entities, and high net worth individuals. Desmond acts as outside counsel to businesses, corporate boards and executives, advising on all areas of contracts, litigation, employment / HR law and strategicRead more..

O’Cealleagh Wins
Deportation Case

Sean O’Cealleagh (also spelled Kelly), a U.S. Greencard holder since 2001, has won his deportation case following a Los Angeles immigration trial that revisited a murder he was convicted of in Northern Ireland. In 1990, O’Cealleagh was found guilty by a British Diplock [non-jury] Court for aiding and abetting the murder of two British soldiersRead more..

Smoking Ban in Full Force

On March 29, 2004 Ireland became the first country in the European Union to ban smoking in workplaces, including all restaurants and pubs. Although some smokers and the Irish Vintners Federation, a trade group representing pub owners, had opposed the ban, it has taken effect and largely been obeyed by patrons. Even in rural pubs,Read more..

Flatley Cleared of Charges

Rape charges against Michael Flatley filed last March by Tanya Marie Robertson have been dropped. A judge in Chicago advised Robertson’s lawyer to drop the case or see it be thrown out of court. Flatley never denied having sexual relations with Robertson but claimed the act was consensual. The two met at a boxing matchRead more..

Last Word: Press Freedoms

As Legal Affairs Reporter for the Chicago Sun-Times, I enjoy covering the courts, not being hauled into them as a defendant in an international case about press freedoms. As I wrestled with the decision of whether to write a book about American David Rupert’s adventure infiltrating the Real IRA to convict its leader Michael McKevitt,Read more..

Sister Act

How a committed sister freed her brother from prison. ℘℘℘ In 1980 the body of Katharina Brow was found in her trailer home in Ayer, Massachusetts. She had been stabbed to death and robbed of money and jewelry. Suspects were questioned but the case languished for two years until an anonymous phone call tipped theRead more..