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Kevin’s Seagull

New Yorkers are in for a treat this summer with the Public Theatre’s production of Anton Chekov’s classic, The Seagull in New York’s Central Park. The Russian play about artistic frustration is being directed by Mike Nichols and will star such big names as Meryl Streep, Christopher Walken, and IA’s own cover boy, Kevin Kline.Read more..

Reclining With Kevin

Kevin Kline is seriously funny. Blame it on his Irish side. ℘℘℘ Settling back into a plush maroon velvet banquette in the restaurant of the Mark Hotel on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, Kline sips his cappuccino, then leans forward in a conspiratorial fashion and smiles. “She was definitely in charge.” Agnes Kline, his mother, wasRead more..

The First Word:
The Wealth of Our Heritage

As I write this, the end of the first year of the new millennium is closing in. It’s November 1. Celtic New Year, a day when it was thought by the ancients that the layer between this world and the otherworld diminished and souls passed freely from one to the other. In the Ireland ofRead more..