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Roots: O’Treasaigh,
Tracy, Tracey, Treacy

The Irish Tracey (Tracy, Treacy, Treacey) comes from the historic sept of the Ó Treasaigh; however, the name originally stems from the word treasach, meaning war-like, fighter, more powerful, or superior. Although the surname O’Tracy is rooted in the ancient and noble English family from Saxon ancestry, many of the Anglo-Irish Tracys (Ó Treasaigh) wereRead more..

Roots: The Mahoney Clan

The surname Mahoney originally designated the descendants of Mathghamhain, an Irishman of the early 11th century who was killed in the Battle of Clontarf in 1014. He was the son of Cian mac Máelmuaid and his wife Sadhbh, who was the daughter of the High King Brian Boru, a member of the Eóganacht Raithlind dynasticRead more..

The Early Years

How the son of immigrants from Mayo and County Down found success in America but never forgot his Irish roots. ℘℘℘ Each year when he returns to Ireland, Bill Flynn takes time to stand at the graveside of his grandparents in Loughinisland in County Down, just over the border from the Irish Republic. It isRead more..

O’Kennedy, Ó Cinnéide

The Irish Kennedys are descended from Dunchaun, the brother of the mighty King Brian Born. The name comes from his father Ceann Eidig, meaning “helmet head.” Appropriately, the arms of the Kennedys have three helmets. From the 11th-15th centuries they were Lords of Ormond. The Kennedys dealt with the various conquests and confiscations better thanRead more..

Carroll, O’Carroll, MacCarroll,
MacCarvill, MacCearbhaill

The O’Carrolls go back to the third century King Oilioll Olum of Munster. Their name derives from Cearbhaill, who was the Brian Boru in 1014 at the battle of Clontarf. Cearbhaill means warlike champion and the O’Carrolls have lived up to the name. Carvill and MacCarvill are anglicized versions of Carroll and are mostly toRead more..

Irish Roots:
The History of the Tobins

Tobin is not an indigenous Irish name, but the family can be regarded as having become completely hibernicized. Its Irish form, Toibín, is a gaelicized version of the Norman ‘St. Aubyn.’ Another interpretation is that the name was first called de St. Aubyn and the original bearers were from Aubyn, in Brittany, France. According toRead more..

Ali’s Irish Roots

While Muhammad Ali’s biographer, Thomas Hauser, established some years ago that Ali’s great-grandfather was Abe Grady from County Clare, the Heritage Centre in Corofin, County Clare, has now established that Grady was an Ennis man. Born in the 1840s, Grady settled in Kentucky and married an African-American woman. Their son also married an African-American womanRead more..

Irish Roots: The McNamaras

The hotel lobby buzzed with conversation. Irish inflections mingled with accents from New Zealand, Australia, England, Canada, and various parts of the U.S. And above the hum the name would grab my ear. “McNamara.” “McNamara.” As a reflex, I’d ram. And almost instantly smile and shake my head, laughing to myself at how often IRead more..

The Origins of
The Clan McNamara

The roots of the McNamara family are in the distant past of Thomond, the region of Ireland that today is known as County Clare. By the 11th century the sept (or clan) had become the Lords of Clancullen, the territory comprising most of East Clare. The Irish form of the surname, MacConmara, which means “sonRead more..

Anjelica’s Irish Memories

Oscar-winning actress Anjelica Huston spent part of her youth in Craughwell, Co. Galway where her father, legendary movie director John Huston, owned an estate called St. Clerans. Anjelica lived with her mother and younger brother Tony, in what was known as the estate’s “little house,” and the place still seems to have a place inRead more..