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The Blue Ribbon

When I was 13 years old, my mother took my siblings and me to Rockaway Beach in New York City for the day. After we romped in the ocean and were sufficiently sunburned, we ended up at a rather run-down Irish tavern that was hosting a singing contest. Since I can carry a tune, myRead more..

Irish Memories

Thomas Fleming writes of the struggles and triumphs of an Irish-American family. ℘℘℘ My County Mayo-born grandfather, David Fleming, could not read or write. He had a brogue so thick I couldn’t understand a word he said. But I knew one thing. He was Irish and proud of it. He had a favorite poem thatRead more..

Pat Riley

The Coach

℘℘℘ When I was about nine years old, my father told my brothers to take me down to Lincoln Heights to start me playing basketball. I really didn’t want to play basketball. I thought I was too young, and I was interested in other things. They took me down, threw me in the gates, andRead more..