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Model Behavior
from Irish Women

Although they are more accustomed to runways and photo studios than microphones and podiums, Irish supermodels Jane Bradbury and Caitríona Balfe are both leading the way in fighting for causes they believe in. Caitríona Balfe is strongly opposed to the war in Iraq and is spearheading the anti-war movement in the fashion industry. When IrishRead more..

Bono Nominated for Nobel

He’s been nominated for Oscars, was recently awarded the French Legion d’Honneur, and won dozens of Grammies and other prestigious music awards. So it really isn’t a big deal that U2 lead singer Bono has now been nominated for a little thing called the Nobel Peace Prize, is it? Think again. “It’s just a hugeRead more..

Concern In Afghanistan

“…We could see them [the Taliban soldiers] setting fire to houses on the hills around the village. We escaped before they captured our village. There were a lot of families, all running away from the Taliban. We all walked together until we got to Faizabad…To begin with we were given food by Concern and otherRead more..

Facts and Figures

Under the direct provision system being operated under the auspices of the Department of Justice by the Directorate of Asylum Seekers Services (DASS), a total of £15m was paid out in providing full-board accommodation for asylum seekers. This £15m was paid to the owners of 65 properties around the country who house asylum seekers. ARead more..