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Photo Album:
Tales of New York

I have no interest in or tracing my roots. I know most of my DNA and it’s all Irish on my mom’s side. Her father, the son of a Ballylongford, County Kerry, farmer, was named Tom Keane. He emigrated to America sometime around 1900 – it’s believed he had to hightail it out ofRead more..

Carna Emigrants Centre

A village in County Galway uses DNA testing to connect with people whose ancestors immigrated to Portland, Maine and other places in the U.S. Maybe I am so excited about the partnership between the Carna Emigrants Centre and the Maine Irish Gaeltacht Project because I spent almost 40 years searching for my Irish ancestors. IRead more..

Roots: The Ulster Clans O’Neill and O’Donnell

Outside the city limits of ancient Rome at the top of the Janiculum hill is the 15th century church of San Pietro in Montorio. The church was supposedly built on the site where Saint Peter was crucified in 64 C.E. and its courtyard holds a small, circular, domed building meant to mark the exact spotRead more..

Photo Album: Bits and Pieces

In the 1960s my mother inherited a ring that had been passed down through two generations. When she began wearing the ring, just before falling asleep or upon waking, she heard the sounds of murmuring voices, clinking glasses, and muffled laughter as if there were a party going on in another part of the house.Read more..

Roots: The O’Dowd Clan

In 982 the King of Connaught, Aedh Ua Dubhda (or Hugh O’Dowd), “died an untroubled death.” This note in Lebor Laignech, the medieval Irish manuscript better known as the Book of Leinster, is the first record of the O’Dowd surname, making it one of the oldest continually-used family names in Europe. It is also oneRead more..

Photo Album: Bridget’s Shawl

Bridget O’Donnell of Cork, Ireland, my great-grandmother, was sent out to Boston by her father in 1846. A recent discovery of her photograph in the Lyons family bible reignites interest in her story and our origins. Bridget was 14 years old, soon to be 15, when her father took her to Cobh, expecting to bookRead more..

Who’s Your Daddy? Johnny O’Callaghan’s Unlikely Journey to Becoming a Father

Johnny O’Callaghan was your typical Irish actor trying to make it in Hollywood. Then his life changed on a chance trip to Uganda, where he met a little boy he knew was meant to be his son. Who’s Your Daddy, his one man play running now at the Irish Rep, tells his extraordinary story. InterviewRead more..

Irish Family History Day – January 24

Irish Family History Day is Thursday, January 24. In partnership with The Gathering and the launch of more than 21 million birth, marriage, and death (BDM) certificates to the site, has declared Thursday, January 24 to be “Irish Family History Day.” It’s more than just a nominal accolade though, because this Thursday the siteRead more..

Rory’s Legacy

The parents of Rory Staunton, a brilliant and passionate Irish-American boy who died of sepsis at age 12, are on a mission to make sure that no other child is felled by this fatal infection. “If I’d known about sepsis, I would have looked for sepsis,” says Orlaith Staunton whose 12-year-old son Rory died onRead more..

Roots: Clan Gatherings

Clans are getting together this year. The following Clan Gatherings are an easy way to experience The Gathering while rooting yourself in a shared clan history. Plus, it’s a great excuse to skip over to Ireland and connect with people around the world who share your name, your mother’s name, or even your mother’s father’sRead more..