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Going Greener:
Mary Robinson
on Climate Change

Former president of Ireland Mary Robinson spoke frankly on her ideas for how Ireland should combat climate change on the inaugural episode of University College Cork’s podcast Plain Speaking, on March 27. In her discourse with program host Eoin Hahessy, Robinson covered a multitude of related issues facing Irish and global society, ranging from howRead more..

Ireland Leading
the War on Plastic

Ireland, the first to ban smoking in public places and the first to charge for plastic bags in supermarkets, is now taking it one step further. The Irish government has prohibited the purchase of all single-use plastics in its own offices as well as other public buildings, including schools. The products banned include a varietyRead more..

The Cry of the Curlew

Irish Plant and Animal Life Endangered ℘℘℘ One third of the species of Irish plant and animal wildlife are in danger of extinction, according to the Irish Wildlife Trust (IWT). On the endangered list are a large proportion of marine life, insects, and plants, including the alpine saxifrage (a perennial plant), the angel shark, birdsRead more..

Irish Agriculture “Not So Green”

Ireland’s current agricultural practices are unsustainable, say N.G.O. coalitions Stop Climate Chaos and the Environmental Pillar in their new report, “Not So Green: Debunking the Myths Around Irish Agriculture.” The report explicitly counters government and industry discourses that portray Ireland’s farming and land-use strategies as environmentally sound. The study shows that methane production per head of IrishRead more..

Weekly Comment:
Obama and McCarthy Announce Clean Power Plan

On Monday, August 3, President Obama and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Gina McCarthy released the final Clean Power Plan, a historic step in the Obama Administration’s fight against climate change. The regulations are the strongest yet unveiled by any U.S. administration and are a huge step to curbing what the President described as one ofRead more..

Climate Panel Urges Irish Action

The Irish government must plan for coherent, sustainable long-term development or rue the drastic consequences of global climate change, policy practitioners Social Justice Ireland warned at a seminar on Climate Justice and Policy Coherence in February. “Our current consumption behavior cannot be sustained without exceeding the bio-physical limits of the planet,” according to Dara Lynott, Deputy Director-GeneralRead more..

Climate Change:
Getting Serious

No topic is more controversial right now in American politics than global warming, and California is one of the leading states calling for green initiatives to combat climate change. California governor and Irish American Jerry Brown recently attended a conference in Sacramento, organized by the Foundation of Agricultural Economics, to draw attention to the devastatingRead more..

Reaching for the Top

In his working hours he’s an anaesthetist at Belfast City Hospital but come springtime Roger McMorrow’s concerns will focus elsewhere. The 26-year-old will peg his white coat for a month and start assessing how quickly the snow is melting in the Himalayas. In early May, Roger will set off with three mountaineers and make forRead more..