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St. Mary of Sorrows

When you walk among the headstones of the hilltop graveyard of St. Mary of Sorrows, the first Catholic Church built in Fairfax Station,Virginia, you can’t help but notice all the Irish names and the counties in Ireland where the deceased were born. Among the many, there’s John Cashion (d. 1882) from Co. Clare, and PatrickRead more..

The Faithful Fight Back

St. Catherine of Siena is a red brick church with arches for doorways, high vaulted ceilings covered with elaborate murals, an ornately carved marble altar, large stained glass windows and larger-than-life statues of saints. Occupying a small city block, the St. Catherine complex contains three other red brick buildings: a rectory, a three-story school buildingRead more..

Catholic Growth Continues
in Northern Census

The latest census for Northern Ireland indicates that the numerical gap between Protestants and Catholics is steadily narrowing. According to this year’s figures Protestants comprise 53 percent of the population in the North with Catholics making up 44 percent. The census tallies with a familiar trend of a growing Catholic community with the number ofRead more..