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Mary Todd, Abraham Lincoln, and their Irish Maids

A sneak preview of a new book, Lincoln and the Irish: The Untold Story of How the Irish Helped Abraham Lincoln Save the Union, by Irish America publisher, Niall O’Dowd. ℘℘℘ Mary Todd Lincoln was of solid Irish stock. Mary’s paternal great-grandfather, David Levi Todd, was born in County Longford, Ireland, and came to America, via Pennsylvania, to Kentucky. Another great-grandfather,Read more..

How to Conquer Cravings

A new book by folk singer and author Judy Collins reveals all about her battle with food. ℘℘℘ Leonard Cohen is dead. Joni Mitchell is ailing. Judy Collins stands out in the crowd of ’60s folk artists as blooming. I recently caught her concert at the Metropolitan Museum – her skin glows, she wears high-heeledRead more..

Taunting Death with Malachy McCourt

There is something fitting about where Malachy McCourt is calling from as I speak to him about his dark and hilarious new book Death Need Not Be Fatal. McCourt is at a Manhattan rehabilitation facility, where he will spend the next few weeks recovering from a “severe attack” of gout. “I’m doing pretty good now,”Read more..

Portals to the Other World

This fall, a number of our most celebrated Irish American authors will launch books into heavy seas where Twitter storms and televised tantrums batter our attention, but after spending time at the Book Expo, the publishing industry’s lollapalooza in New York City this summer, I realized all will be well. I met with Jennifer Egan, Alice McDermott,Read more..

Dangerfield Lives!
The Ginger Man at 60

At 89, J.P. Donleavy celebrated 60 years of his best-selling cult-classic, The Ginger Man. At his countryside retreat near Mullingar, he spoke to Noel Shine about his extraordinary life and the novel that gave rise to his notoriety all those years ago. ℘℘℘ J.P. Donleavy first came to prominence at a time in the 20thRead more..

20 Great Interviews:
Mary Higgins Clark

Mary Higgins Clark is one of America’s premier “who done it” writers. Her books are worldwide best-sellers. Several of her novels have been made into television dramas and major movies. In April 2000, she signed a five-book deal with Simon & Schuster worth an astonishing $64 million, but as one book after another passes theRead more..

20 Great Books

Irish America’s list of essential books for the informed Irish-American. Producing a list of 20 books which every Irish-American should read was both joyous and painful. The joy, obviously, came as we pored over the many volumes, revisiting the beautiful sentences, the haunted memories. The pain, however, was knowing that, inevitably, some brilliant books would haveRead more..

Paddy Whacked

T.J. English didn’t quite know what to expect when he went up to Boston earlier this year to promote his eye-opening new book, Paddy Whacked: The Untold Story of the Irish American Gangster. “Boston is the one place where this story is still a contemporary story, because of South Boston and the way Irish-American cultureRead more..

Review of Books

Recommended MYSTERIES OF MY FATHER: An Irish-American Memoir Thomas Fleming Publisher’s Weekly is the bible of the book industry, and is read closely by everyone from writers and literary agents to editors and book store owners. All of them have their eyes out for the next big thing, say, the next Angela’s Ashes. For years,Read more..

Holy Cross, the Untold Story

“There were men and women, over their fences, shouting names and spitting and pulling people’s hair…and then a bomb flew over. Father Troy told us all to run. I thought everyone was going to die.” Roisin Crawford was nine years of age during the infamous Holy Cross protest of 2001, when a group of LoyalistRead more..