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A Win For Heroes

9/11 Bill Passes the Senate. ℘℘℘ New Yorkers were sweating through a brutal heat wave at the end of July this year when grim news began circulating, from Briggs Avenue in the Bronx and East 111th Street in Harlem to the quieter suburbs of Westchester County and the historically Irish enclaves in Long Island andRead more..

Weekly Comment:
9/11 Fifteen Years On

Back in July, on a hot afternoon at Kennedy International Airport in Queens, a truck carried a 40,000-pound piece of debris – draped in an American flag – out of a building known as Hangar 17. The building, for well over a decade, housed over 2,000 items collected from the rubble of the World TradeRead more..

Irish Artist’s Documentary “Rebuilding the World Trade Center” Premiers on History

A project eight-years in the making makes its U.S. premier tonight. Northern Irish filmmaker and artist Marcus Robinson’s award winning, mixed media documentary “Rebuilding the World Trade Center” debuts on the History Channel at 6:00 pm Eastern and Pacific. The documentary, which chronicles the construction of One World Trade Center from laying the foundation toRead more..

The First Word: The Spirit of America

A letter from our Editor: As I write this the world outside my window is peaceful. It’s Sunday so the construction that happens on weekdays is stopped and though I actually enjoy watching the men at work, doing manly stuff, digging and endlessly moving things about, I’m glad of the quiet. (New York is alwaysRead more..

Ten Years after 9/11

An estimated 1,000 of the nearly 3,000 victims of 9/11 were of Irish descent or birth. On the 10th anniversary of the attacks, we look at the “living” memorials such as the scholarships and charities that have been established by the victims’ families. Michael Lynch Laying the foundation for peace In the months following theRead more..

Remembering from Afar

9/11 Memorials in Ireland In the years since the attacks on September 11, 2001, memorials both big and small have been built throughout the United States and across the globe. The most immediate ones were impromptu – garlands draped on a parked car it became clear no one would claim, notes and photographs taped toRead more..

Rebuilding the Skyline

The heroism and sacrifices of Irish Americans on September 11, 2001 have been well documented. What has not been discussed nearly as much are the contributions Irish Americans are currently making to the long rebuilding process at the World Trade Center.   Honoring the Past There’s Irish-born Tony Kearney, who supervises some 500 construction workers.Read more..

A Hero Remembered:
Michael Lynch

The spirit of a New York hero lives on in his family. Nine years ago, in the months following the September 11th attacks, the Lynch family from the Bronx, New York, made a commendable and remarkable choice. They had just lost Michael Francis Lynch: son, brother, uncle and fiancé; a firefighter who died during theRead more..

Mission Responsible: Fr. Séamus Finn

A past president of the board of ICCR, Fr. Séamus Finn currently serves on the executive committee of 3IG, which represents a post-9/11 coming together of the major world religions to participate in what is known as “socially responsible investing.”  It isn’t easy getting face time with Séamus Finn. It’s not that he didn’t wantRead more..

A Rockaway Welcome for Wounded Warriors

It could be a scene unfolding in any small town in America, grateful people welcoming home war heroes.  Not too common anymore, except in Rockaway Beach, New York, where it has become an annual event. We are not talking about ordinary soldiers, although ordinary could not describe any soldier during wartime. The soldiers in thisRead more..