A Century of Treaty Trauma

By Brian Dooley Every Friday during the 1970s The Irish Post was delivered to our house. It was the newspaper for Irish people living in Britain, for families like us. As a teenager I loved laughing at old people getting worked up on the letters page about The Treaty which, for God’s sake, had happened half a century before. Let it go, I thought, there’s a new war in...


Devil Women: How the Church Wrote the Irish Constitution 

Article 45.4.2 The State shall endeavour to ensure that the inadequate strength of women and the tender age of children shall not be abused, and that women or children shall not be forced by economic necessity to enter avocations unsuited to their sex, age or strength. From the 1937 Irish Constitution “In the Name of the Most Holy Trinity and of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Universal King, we the...


Sinn Féin’s Path to Power Blocked

Leaders of the two centrist parties shun Sinn Féin

Deaglán de Bréadún Ever since the Anglo-Irish Treaty of 1921, on which the State was founded, analysts and observers have complained that Irish politics was based on the conflict, which erupted over the terms of that agreement, rather than normal left-right issues. The forebears of the two dominant parties, Fianna Fáil (‘Soldiers of Destiny’) and Fine Gael (‘Tribe of the...


Father-Son Sea Saga

60 Years in the Making

By Tom Deignan This past Father’s Day, Kelly Walsh went a long way to pay tribute to his Dad – almost 40,000 feet under the sea. February 15, 1960 Life Magazine cover celebrating Don Walsh’s deep dive in the Pacific Ocean. Kelly’s father, Don, is one of only a handful of other human beings who have explored the ocean at such great depth. “It’s been such a once in a...


The Future of Irish America

Peter Quinn looks at the position of
Irish Americans as we embrace the new millennium.

“Whatever the future may hold, wherever it may take us, we can bring along only what we possess, and if we don’t possess our past, if instead of a true history and a significant literature, we bring along only trivia, empty myths and a handful of stories, or-worst of all — the latest intellectually fashionable versions of ourselves, we will offer those to come after nothing of lasting...