First Word

June 27, 2020

There’s a little Irish in everything. I drive my friends a bit crazy, with my “Just a dab will do yah,” interjections. Someone mentions Derek Jeter, and I say “his mother is Irish” (Dorothy Connor.)  Mariah Carey wins an award, I say, “I have a nice note from her on being named a Top 100 Irish American. Her mother is Patricia Hickey.” It goes on, and on.  The...


Remembering the Champ

By Marilyn Cole Lownes Originally published in June 1998 The history of boxing must be rewritten. It is officially recorded that the legendary Jack Dempsey, Heavyweight Champion of the World from 1919-1926, was KO’ed just once in his great career. He was knocked out in the first round in 1917 by fireman Jim Flynn. The truth is that he actually suffered two KO’s. The second...