History’s Heroes Not Always Set in Stone

By Deaglán de Bréadún A petition is circulating to have a statue of Jack Charlton installed at the Aviva Stadium (I still think of it as Lansdowne Road) in Dublin. There are moves also to have a statue put up in his native village of Ashington in Northumberland. As far back as 1994, a statue in his honour was put on display at Cork Airport which shows him in fishing rather than...


Drinking With John Kerouac in a Rockaway Bar

“You wrote a book? So what’s the name of it?” Hot summer’s afternoon in the Sand Bar in the 50’s, a fetid, open aired boardwalk bar at the end of Beach 116th Street in Rockaway, Queens, just a short distance from where the sea begins. The last stop on the A train. No where to go but Europe from here. Hope you know how to swim, baby. The weatherman says it’s...


Children’s Book Corner

By Mary Gallagher The Dog Who Lost His Bark By Eoin Colfer Illustrations by PJ Lynch This heartwarming story is perfect for enthusiastic young readers. With large, clear font, a simple vocabulary, and an engaging story about finding one’s family, the book hits all the right notes. “Dog” is a puppy who’s been through a lot, and his once-happy bark has faded to a whimper. Then...


First Word

July 25, 2020

There’s a lot happening out there. Take a break and enter the world of Irish America. After so many years as editor of this magazine, I’ve come to think of “Irish America” as a place. Lately, the place I go, to take solace and restock my hope tank, is our Irish America archives. So many stories, collected over the past 35 years of publishing, show me the mettle our...


Sláinte! Bid Thy Guests Welcome Though They Come At Any Hour

By Edythe Preet In the 16th century Elizabeth I was Queen of England. Spain and England were at war, and their armadas stalked each other on the open seas. Certain Irish sailing captains who swore allegiance to neither nation raided both fleets for profit. Some called them pirates. Some called them heroes. One became a legend. Statue of Gráinne Ní Mháille, the Irish Pirate. Her name...


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