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4th of July Picnic

After the Civil War, Philip Cummins, a coal miner from Loon, Clogh, Co. Kilkenny, took his wife Mary Smith (Rakenny, Co. Cavan) and family from the troubling times of the Molly Maguires and Schuykill County, Pennsylvania, and settled in western Massachusetts to work at the Richmond Furnace factory and try his hand at farming. The photo is of the family of Philip’s oldest son, Michael James,...


My Independence Day

July 4, 1972. The day I landed in New York

By Patricia Harty, Editor-in-Chief “There’s no sense of entitlement, no sense of placement, it’s all a sense of you’ve got to go out and work hard to get there. It doesn’t all break your way all the time, so you’ve got to just power through it. I think that’s deeply imbedded in the culture of the Irish.” – Brian Moynihan Chairman and CEO Bank of America. (Cover story...


How Europe’s Most Conservative Country Became its Most Liberal

An excerpt from Niall O’Dowd’s new book.

Author and Irish America Co-editor Niall O’Dowd Faith of Their Fathers—The Eucharistic Congress of 1932 “The men and women of long ago … from the high place in Heaven won by their heroic piety … must have looked down upon this glorious scene with serene happiness and benediction.” Dundalk Democrat editorial 1932 The closest equivalent to Pope John Paul’s visit in 1979 was the...


Honoring the Irish Father Of the American Navy

By Tim McGrath Getting a memorial to Commodore John Barry at the U.S. Naval Academy took the patient determination of organizations, a talented sculptor, an Irish marathoner, and countless well-wishers – and the leadership of two great friends. The Barry Memorial and plaza inside the Barry Gate at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD Years ago, a writer...


Yankee Doodle with a Brogue:

The Irish in the American Revolution

By Thomas Fleming In Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley there is a gravestone that reads: Here lies the remains of John Lewis, who slew the Irish lord, settled in Augusta County, located the town of Staunton and furnished five sons to fight the battles of the American Revolution. Those words are an apt summary of the Irish role in the Revolution. They responded en masse to the call for...