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Remembering the Champ

By Marilyn Cole Lownes Originally published in June 1998 The history of boxing must be rewritten. It is officially recorded that the legendary Jack Dempsey, Heavyweight Champion of the World from 1919-1926, was KO’ed just once in his great career. He was knocked out in the first round in 1917 by fireman Jim Flynn. TheRead more..

John McCarty: The Father of Artificial Intelligence

By Ray Cavanaugh Few phrases evoke the rapid hi-tech acceleration of our era like “artificial intelligence” (also known by the somewhat less-threatening acronym of “AI”). Until very recently, this world, for better or worse, was ours. But, having ascended to the apex of the Animal Kingdom on the basis of our intelligence, we now findRead more..

Smiling Mickey Welch:

 Hall-of-Fame Pitcher • Occasional Poet • Lifelong Fan of the Game

By Ray Cavanaugh It was surprising that Mickey Welch had such a successful pitching career: He didn’t have much size (the Society for American Baseball Research describes him as “generously listed” at 5-feet-8 and 160 pounds); his fastball was nothing special; and he also had control issues (at times leading the National League in walks surrendered). However,Read more..


June 27, 2020

BIRTHDAY Storied world heavyweight boxing champion William Harrison “Jack” Dempsey was born June 24, 1895 in Manassa, Colorado.  Dempsey, an icon of the 1920’s whose professional career ran from 1914-1927, reigned as the world heavyweight champion from 1919-1926. He was an inaugural member of the International Boxing Hall of Fame and is ranked tenth onRead more..