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Going Greener:
Mary Robinson
on Climate Change

Former president of Ireland and UN high commissioner for human rights Mary Robinson.

By Mary Gallagher, Assistant Editor
April 2019

Former president of Ireland Mary Robinson spoke frankly on her ideas for how Ireland should combat climate change on the inaugural episode of University College Cork’s podcast Plain Speaking, on March 27. In her discourse with program host Eoin Hahessy, Robinson covered a multitude of related issues facing Irish and global society, ranging from how to cut out the use of fossil fuels without destroying the livelihoods of workers in those industries to encouraging and making the most of activism in the younger generation of Irish citizens to reduce emissions and embrace alternative energy sources.

Robinson elaborated on the importance of Ireland being proactive in environmental protection. “Ireland is a small nation; we don’t have a huge industrial base, but we have to play our part,” she said. “Indeed, some of the small islands and the least developed countries are the most ambitious because they’re going to be the most affected by what happens elsewhere.”  ♦


Click here to hear the podcast in its entirety.

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