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St Patrick’s Day Is Getting
its Own Music Channel

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Aine Mc Manamon, Contributor
March 11, 2016

In advance of this year’s St. Patrick’s Day, webcaster AccuRadio have added a specially curated “St. Paddy’s Party” channel for the celebrations.

This channel offers a selection of jigs, reels, ballads, traditional music and fun, rowdy pub classics that are bound to get toes tapping and hands clapping. Songs such as “The Wild Rover,” “Past the Point of Rescue,” “Black Velvet Band,” “Star of the County Down,” “Hills of Donegal” and “The Irish Rover” are available here as well as artists like The Chieftains, Celtic Women, Lunasa, Dropkick Murphy’s, The Dubliners, Sharron Shannon, and The High Kings.

Emmy-nominated Irish singer-songwriter, Michael Londra, currently touring the U.S. with his wildly popular group, Celtic Fire, curated the Celtic channels.

AccuRadio was the fastest growing webcaster in 2015, even faster than Pandora. They offer over 975 music channels and unlimited skips. There are more than 50 different genres of music to choose from, including fourteen Irish and Celtic themed channels.

“Even people with no connection to Irish, Gaelic, or Scottish cultures are still likely to find these channels easy on the ears,” explains AccuRadio Executive Vice President for Programming Paul Maloney.

“Much of American modern music has roots in Irish music,” he notes. “Since Irish people immigrated in great numbers not that long ago, the people and their music have an outsized influence on contemporary American culture.”

Screenshot of AccuRadio’s website

In addition to the “St. Paddy’s Party” channel the other thirteen channels dedicated to Celtic music are “Radio Celt,” “Calling All Pipers,” “Celtic Legends,” “Celtic Love Songs,” “Celtic Men,” “Celtic Women,” “Celtic Rock,” “Easy Celtic Pickin’s,” “First Fiddle,” “Progressive Celtic,” “Songs of the Sea,” and “Traditional Celtic.”

“As widely diverse as our listeners are, we try to meet as wide a range of expectation with our Celtic music as we can. For the St. Patrick’s Day partier, we have some rowdy and fun music for the one-day a year they want to feel Irish. But I think our programming really shines when we craft channels for those who genuinely want to explore this music year-round,” Maloney told Irish America.

The deep knowledge and broad range of curated channels explains why over a million unique listeners use AccuRadio for free. It has human curators, like Michael Londra, who are experts in their genres and therefore create excellent playlists, which make AccuRadio so popular. Each month, over a million unique listeners (largely in the U.S., Canada, and Japan) tune into AccuRadio via its website and its top-rated mobile apps. ♦

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