Donegal Island For Sale

The $225,000 island for sale in Donegal.

By Adam Farley, Deputy Editor
October / November 2014

For €175,000, a little over $225,000 at the current exchange rate, a 96-acre island in Donegal could be yours. To put that price in perspective, that’s $30 per square foot – 1,230 percent less than Dublin’s reasonably affordable $369 per square foot, and nearly 5,000 percent less than the median price for an apartment (apartment!) in Manhattan ($1,482 per square foot).

That price comes after an 84 percent price cut by the German listing company, which originally listed the island at €1 million. But after being on the market since 2011 at a price the owner told The Donegal Daily said even he thought was “a little steep,” the island is within the grasp of affordability.

Inishdooey Island, located three miles off the Irish coast in the Donegal Archipelago, came into the possession of Falcarragh man Mark McClafferty when he inherited it from his late grandfather, reports The Irish Times. But respecting full disclosure, Seamus McClafferty, a local contractor, estimates that erecting even a modest structure on the barren isle could cost at least €200,000. Even combined with the price of the island though, that’s less than half the going rate for a house in the Pale.

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