Edythe Preet

Edythe Preet

Edythe has served as culinary historian for Irish America since 1994. Her continuing feature series “Sláinte!” traces the histories of traditional Irish food, drink and celebration, liberally laced with a wealth of folklore, mythology and popular customs. Edythe owns The Heritage Kitchen, a specialty food business producing sweets and savories based on historical recipes.


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  1. Jim Gabler says:

    Ms. Preet,
    I’ m writing about Thomas Jefferson as wine connoisseur and gourmet. Would love to talk with you. My email: bacchuspr@aol.com, or cell: 410-960-1002. Or if you’ll email me that would be perfect. I’m the author of Passions: The Wines and Travels of Thomas Jefferson. Thanks,
    Jim Gabler

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