May 17, 2011

Queen Elizabeth of England visits the Republic of Ireland for the first time. She is the first British monarch to visit in 100 years, and the first since Ireland became a Republic. George V visited in 1911 when the country was still part of the British Empire. The four-day visit went well, despite minor protests. Her Majesty met with Taoiseach Enda Kenny, visited the Garden of Remembrance, which is dedicated to all those who gave their lives in the cause of Irish Freedom, dined with President Mary McAleese and even visited the Guinness Brewery where she declined a sip of the black stuff.

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  1. Sean Curtain says:

    The Ireland that King George V visited in 1911 was still a single political entity as it had been for almost 7½ centuries under monarchs and governments in London. The Garden of Remembrance visited by Queen Elizabeth in 2011 commemorates those who were executed by British firing squats in 1916 because they had fought to liberate the whole Irish nation and all its parts; they did no die to establish Partition.

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