Business 100 - 2010

Mike Hemingway/Thirdhunger/Brandhunger

In 2009, Mike founded two companies:  Thirdhunger and Brandhunger. Both these businesses focus on helping companies and well known personalities incorporate social responsibility into their mass communications and creativity. Thirdhunger connects primarily with the creative communities. Brandhunger helps train marketing companies.

In June 2000, Mike was invited to join Ogilvy & Mather in New York, to work on Kodak, as worldwide director. In 2004, Mike took over the worldwide Unilever Dove business. Between 1995 and 2000, Mike helped develop and lead an Advertising Training Seminar titled: “How to Create Award Winning, Effective Advertising.”  It took place in nearly 20 countries.

Mike’s father, one of the last surviving Irish pilots who fought in the Battle of Britain in WWII, was born in Dublin. Mike and his wife have four sons. One is actor Toby Hemingway. In the little spare time he has, Mike writes illustrated fiction that he hopes will inspire children of all ages.