Peck’s Star Stolen

By Irish America Staff
Febuary / March 2006

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is missing I one of its most beloved stars thanks to a thief whose identity remains unknown. The missing black cement square featured a pink star honoring Gregory Peck. The perfectly cut square hole left in the pavement indicated that whoever took Peck’s star was in possession of a cement saw. Authorities say that the thief was probably dressed as a construction worker. The star was among the 1,500 originals set in the sidewalk before it was officially dedicated in 1960. It disappeared sometime between November 15th and 24th.

While Peck’s star is not the only one that has been stolen from the Walk of Fame, it is the first one to have been cut out of the pavement. The stars of Gene Autry, Jimmy Stewart and Kirk Douglas have all disappeared from the pavement honoring film, TV and radio celebrities. The three stars were stolen after they had been removed for construction projects. Those belonging to Stewart and Douglas were recovered. ♦

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