Celtic Calendar

By Liam Mortiarty, Contributor
December / January 2006

For a unique Christmas gift that you will want to keep yourself, consider giving a Celtic Calendar, which runs from Samhain (November 1st) until Nos Calan Gaef or the Celtic New Year’s Eve (October 31st).

The Celtic League American Branch has been producing this beautiful calendar for 26 years. Each month features beautiful drawings, a Celtic proverb and some important history notations from one of the six Celtic nations: Ireland, Scotland Isle of Man, Cornwall, Wales and Brittany.

The principal aim of the Celtic League, which was founded in Wales in 1961, is to bring the Celtic people together and better inform the world about the Celts, and the calendar certainly does that.

This year’s calendar features illustrations created by eleven fantastic artists. The names and days of the month are all given in one of the six Celtic languages with each day detailing several cultural-historical facts of the Celtic nations. The calendar also contains information on the Celtic feast days, the Celtic languages and other information.

The Celtic Calendar can be purchased for $10 (s/h included) from Celtic League Calendar, c/o Tom Cullinan, 14 Whistler Road, Scarsdale, NY 10583, or from the Celtic League at www.celticleague.org.

The Celtic League American branch also sells a series of 10 note cards from the calendar artwork of Mercy Van Vlack ($6), coffee mugs $9), T-Shirts ($10; XXL $12), Songs of the Six Celtic Nations CD ($15). Please include $1 per item for postage and handling. ♦

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