U2 Prepares to Drop “Bomb”

By Irish America Staff
December / January 2005

After recording, and then misplacing (the demo disappeared during a photo shoot) their long-awaited new album How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb, U2 are finally delivering the goods. The band releases the record on November 23 and is reportedly collaborating with director Jim Sheridan on videos for the new songs.

Four years have passed since their last album, All That You Can’t Leave Behind, and early reports have described the new sound as a return to U2’s punk rock roots. If the first single, “Vertigo,” is any indication, U2’s latest release will be infused with high energy rock.

U2 have been impacted greatly by the deaths of two members of The Ramones in recent years. When U2 first came on the music scene, they were heavily influenced by The Ramones, and How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb seems a way for the band to pay tribute to their punk roots. And what does it matter that Bono, Edge, Larry and Adam are in their 40s? Rock and roll keeps you young. ♦

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