Bono Nominated for Nobel

Nobel Peace Prize nominee Paul Hewson, AKA Bono of band U2. (Photo: Crispin Rodwell.)

By Irish America Staff
April / May 2003

He’s been nominated for Oscars, was recently awarded the French Legion d’Honneur, and won dozens of Grammies and other prestigious music awards. So it really isn’t a big deal that U2 lead singer Bono has now been nominated for a little thing called the Nobel Peace Prize, is it?

Think again.

“It’s just a huge honor to be even mentioned on the same list as people like Pope John Paul. That’s just…if you’re an Irish person, that’s hard to even imagine,” the Dublin rock star said, reacting to the news that he was one of 150 people nominated for the annual award.

Bono, of course, has worked tirelessly with Presidents Clinton and Bush, not to mention the United Nations, on issues such as AIDS and debt relief for developing nations.

But the Dublin-born Paul Hewson took the Nobel nomination as a chance to spread the credit around. “I think it’s just (that) people are responding not so much to my own work but the work of organizations I represent like DATA, Drop the Debt and Jubilee 2000, and I think in that sense, it’s a real great thing to be on that list.”

Just a few years back, David Trimble and John Hume scooped the peace prize for their work in Northern Ireland.  ♦

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