Hamill’s Snow In

Pete Hamill - Photo by Peter Foley.

By Irish America Staff
August / September 2002

Pete Hamill’s 1997 novel Snow in August has been selected by Governor Bill Owens as the focus, for Colorado’s “One Book, One State” program. The program grew out of the “One Book, One City” concept which originated in Seattle four years ago with the idea of getting residents to collectively read the same book in order to promote discussion about any issues the book might bring to the fore.

Snow in August is the story of an eleven-year-old Catholic boy growing up in Brooklyn in 1947 who befriends a rabbi, even though that friendship is threatened by ne</a> By Irish America Staff<br/>ighboring Irish hoodlums. Owens lauded the book for its theme of overcoming ethnic differences.

On hearing that his book had been chosen, the Brooklyn-born Hamill, a frequent contributor to Irish America, commented, “I’m delighted, as any writer would be when hearing that large numbers of people will be reading a book he or she has written. In particular, I’m gratified that Colorado has done this, since Brooklyn in 1947 is as remote in most superficial ways from today’s Colorado as the London of Dickens. I love, too, the notion that people of different generations will be reading the same book, dissecting it, arguing about it, cursing or praising the author. In the age of television, that’s good for all of US.”

Hamill’s novel was also chosen as a One Book choice in Eastern Connecticut and a suburb of Detroit and as part of the summer reading list for many schools. ♦

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