Peter King:
Republican Congressman

Peter King.

By Irish America Staff
April / May 2002

Congressman Peter T. King from Long Island is serving his fifth term in the U.S. House of Representatives and serves on the Financial Services Committee and International Relations Committee. King has long been a strong supporter of Irish issues and he is an outspoken advocate of human rights and justice for citizens of Northern Ireland. He was part of the group of representatives who pushed funding for the New York City mass transit capital projects (which includes East Side Access and the 2nd Avenue subway) through conference committee. King is known to be outspoken on issues he feels strongly about and has spoken frequently on political issues arising out of the September 11 attacks. Though he has been known to be critical of the British response to Northern Ireland in the past, he put the past behind him when he described British Prime Minister Tony Blair as “an American with a British accent.” ♦

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