Danny Boy Uncovered

Malachy McCourt.

By Irish America Staff
February / March 2002

In his book Danny Boy – The Beloved Irish Ballad to be published in March, well-known Irish-American writer Malachy McCourt offers an explication of the history, facts and myths surrounding the well-loved Irish air. McCourt explains that “Danny Boy” is unique in that people are willing to overlook a bad rendition if the singer is earnest and the moment is true. It is certainly true that the song, true to Londonderry Air, is probably the best known of all Irish songs or melodies. The book offers an analysis of the origins of the song’s melody and lyrics, humorous accounts of bad renditions, the blind fiddler’s tale, and a discography of recorded renditions. McCourt also calls on Seamus Heaney, Thomas Cahill and brother Frank to give their thoughts on the popular ballad.Published by Running Press Book Publishers, March 2002. ♦

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