For the Little Ones

What's Wrong with Timmy.
What's Wrong with Timmy.

By Irish America Staff
December / January 2002

Renowned broadcast journalist, Maria Shriver is know to millions of people who can’t even stay up to watch the late news; it’s past their bedtime. The best-selling author of What’s Heaven, Shriver has written a new book that tackles another difficult issue for kids, people with disabilities. It’s a topic Shriver has become familiar with through her family’s founding and support of the Special Olympics. In What’s Wrong with Timmy? little Kate meets a boy Timmy who looks and acts different from anyone she’s ever met. In 48 pages and 22 full-color illustrations by Sandra Speidel, Kate comes to a decision on how she feels about Timmy’s disability and being friends with someone, despite what others might think. Shriver said “My hope is that this little book will help children understand that kids with disabilities are not to be feared, pitied, or ridiculed, but are to be embraced, challenged, and included.” Parents might learn a bit as well. ♦

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