Absolutely Beautiful

The faces of Ireland.

By Irish America Staff
December / January 2002

Enter any bookstore, be it mom and pop or chain retailer, and there are sure to be stacks upon stacks of coffee table books with Irish photographs. But now comes one so lovely it seems more suited for an auction house than a coffee table. Gerald Hoberman has produced a book of breathtaking photographs that he took throughout the isle and has paired them with the informative and entertaining writings of Maggie Davey. From the coast of Valentia Island to Bogside, Derry, from a tailer shop in Ballinamore to the street artists of Galway, the poetry of Irish life is captured in this book of high glossy prints, as evidenced in the superb color in the vibrancy in the cheeks of Joe Byrne as they contrast with the Carrick, Donegal surroundings. Bound in a hardcover and draped in clot, this lavish book is a wonderful addition to any library of coffee table.

From Ireland, The Gerald & Marc Hoberman Collection.

From Ireland, The Gerald & Marc Hoberman Collection.

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