From White House to Green

Former president Bill Clinton.

By Irish America Staff
October / November 2001

Apparently, Bill Clinton appreciated more than a dew perks as President. While in L.A. for a radio and television conference, Clinton hit the golf course with his brother Roger, Jack Nicholson, and filmmaker Rudy Durand. While his friends counted any putt inside 12 feet ‘oof; when he was president, now every putt must be putted, even those within two feet of the hole. He won anyway.

Maybe Bill will soon have more time to practice his putting on Ireland’s courses. Sources say Clinton’s been eyeing a home in Kenmare, County Kerry. It was Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern, who is also looking for a hime in the bay town of a thousand residents, who introduced Clinton to Kenmare. With great golfing and fishing and just a short a hop across the water from Oxford, where Chelsea is studying. Kenmare is so appealing that Clinton is looking to spend $3 million. It’s nice to know that some profits from his memoirs will be planted in the Auld Sod. ♦

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