Eat Your Greens

By Irish America Staff
October / November 2001

Homeopathy is hot as more people are choosing natural plants and herbs over prescription drugs to heal their ailments. Aware of the growing demand, the small but growing Irish company, Dolphin Sea Vegetables, is attempting to cross into the U.S. market. Their product Phycoplex is made of a formulation of seaweeds. Perfect, since Ireland is surrounded by the stuff on four sides. Laboratory tested, Phycoplex is said to have shown remarkable results with Herpes 1, Herpes 2, Candida and Epstein Barr. It also gives a general boost to the immune system. Compared to similar products on sale in the U.S. under the title RMA, Phycoplex is 100% pure seaweed and algae, and has proven 75% more effective in treatment, according to its makers. What’s even better is that the company, based in West Belfast, is actively involved in offering jobs to disadvantaged workers in a low-employment area. ♦

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