Jeremy’s in the Pink
Mumba Doesn’t Mind

Irish pop star Samantha Mumba.

By Irish America Staff
August / September 2001

Wrapping up production this summer is Dreamworks’ remake of the 60’s film, The Time Machine. Starring in the Spielberg feature, due out December 2001, are Jeremy Irons and up and coming Irish pop star, Samantha Mumba. The two reportedly are getting along spectacularly on the set. Mumba’s mother said, “Jeremy was such a gentleman to Samantha. He made her feel right at home by telling her all about how he has lived in Ireland for the last few years.”

Irons may have neglected to mention the hoopla he’s causing over his home in West Cork. He and his wife, actress Sinead Cusack, are the owners of the towered and turreted 30 room Kilcoe Castle, which they (much to the annoyance of their neighbors) have decided to make pink. Hot, bright pink. Perhaps the shared appreciation of this flamingo color is what he and the 18-year-old sensation have in common.

Or it could be that she too is raising some eyebrows. Irish tabloids have reported that Mumba and controversial rapper Eminem (AKA Marshall Mathers) have been seeing each other. Apparently having broken up with Destiny’s child, Beyonce Knowles, Eminem set his sights on the Irish diva. The two were seen having romantic dinners in Los Angeles at the Marquis Hotel. Her mother probably wasn’t at that scene! ♦

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