Arthur Gelb –
An Honorary Irishman

Niall O'Dowd (left) and Arthur Gelb.

By Irish America Staff
August / September 2001

Irish America publisher Niall O’Dowd presented Arthur Gelb with a Waterford Crystal Harp at his office in the New York Times building on May 12. Gelb and his wife, Barbara, were named to the Honorary Irish list by the magazine for their contribution to reserving the legacy of Irish America’s greatest writer, Eugene O’Neill. The Gelbs first published what was considered the definitive biography of O’Neill in 1962, and for nearly forty years since, have continued their quest to put together the most complete portrait possible. The result is their completely rewritten biography of O’Neill. The first of three volumes, O’Neill: Life with Monte Cristo, was published last May by Applause Books.

Arthur Gelb, who has spent a lifetime at the New York Times, beginning as a clerk and serving as chief cultural correspondent and managing editor, is currently president of the Times Company Foundation. ♦

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