The Fighting Fitzgeralds

(l-r): Justin Louis as Jim Fitzgerald, Jon Patrick Walker as Patrick Fitzgerald, Chris Moynihan as
Terry Fitzgerald, (bottom): Brian Dennehy as Mr. Fitzgerald.

By Irish America Staff
April / May 2001

Brian Dennehy stars in The Fighting Fitzgeralds, premiering this month on NBC. He plays a retired firefighter and widower with three grown sons who just wants to left alone to paint. Unfortunately, Jim, the eldest son (Justin Louis), and his pregnant wife, Sophie (Connie Britton), still live at “home.” Youngest son, Patrick (Jon Patrick Walker), quits his job, comes to a personal epiphany and moves back home also. Terry, the bartending middle son (Chris Moynihan), is a frequent visitor. We can only guess as to why the show is called the “Fighting” Fitzgeralds. The show’s media relations team were reluctant to release details.

Ed Burns of Brothers McMullan and Saving Private Ryan fame is the creator and executive producer. He and his brother Brian wrote the first episode. Phoef Sutton, who won several Golden Globes for his work on Cheers, is co-producing,

Burns, the son of a New York cop, is on a roll. 15 Minutes, in which he co-stars with Robert De Niro, is just out in theaters, and Sidewalks of New York – written, starring and directed by Burns – will be out this spring.

The hot young star, who graced the February cover of GQ, says he is happiest doing his own work, and he’s got another project in the works. He told GQ writer Bob Drury that he hopes to soon begin shooting his next screenplay, Ash Wednesday, “sort of a an Irish mob movie with romantic overtones.”

Burns, whose current steady is model Christy Turlington, recently purchased John Kennedy Jr.’s loft in New York’s Tribeca district. ♦

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