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Coming Up: Extraordinary Events in Irish America

Five upcoming or ongoing events to watch out for if you’re in the area ℘℘℘ Ireland’s Poet-Patriots: A Musical History Ireland’s Poet-Patriots: A Musical History, which premiered last year in San Francisco to correspond with the centenary of the 1916 Rising, is coming to Washington, D.C.’s National Cathedral on October 12. The one-night performance willRead more..

Beckett Photographs Displayed in New York

An exhibition featuring Dublin-born photographer John Minihan’s black and white portraiture of Samuel Beckett and those he worked with in his lifetime, opened at the Irish Arts Center in New York in September. The exhibition, “John Minihan: Beckett and his World” is on view through December 15. Minihan first expressed interest in photographing Beckett afterRead more..

Beckett’s Bodies

“Dance first, think later. It is the natural order.” These are the words made famous by the characters of Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot; characters who, Beckett delighted in suggesting, cannot move beyond their texts, never to experience the “later” in question. But what happens when dance is a vehicle for thought? When the bodyRead more..

Review of Books

Books of Irish and Irish American interest. ℘℘℘ Dear Mr. Beckett: Letters from the Publisher By Barney Rosset, edited by Lois Oppenheim, and curated by Astrid Myers Rosset More than anything, Dear Mr. Beckett is a scrapbook – a loving collage of memorabilia ranging from letters to contracts to doodles – illustrating the relationship betweenRead more..

The Four Irish Nobel Laureates

“Without the titanic vision of one man, Brian P. Burns, none of this would have been possible,” writes Roger Kohn of The Four Irish Nobel Laureates, a series of sculptures created by noted Irish artist Rowan Gillespie, now permanently housed in the John J. Burns Library, in the historic, leafy suburb of Chestnut Hill, atRead more..

Barney Rosset:

He helped change the course of publishing in the United States by championing avant-garde writers and beat poets. He defied censors in the 1960s by publishing D.H. Lawrence’s Lady Chatterley’s Lover and Henry Miller’s Tropic of Cancer. He brought European writers such as Jean Genet and Samuel Beckett under his Grove Press imprint. He passedRead more..

A Last Meeting With Beckett

ith the recent publication of the first volume of Beckett’s letters I started to recall the last time I met Beckett in Paris in 1988.   We first met in April, 1985.  It had been three years since our meeting at the café in the Hotel PLM.  At noon. Noon being the time he had suggested. Read more..

The Brilliance of Beckett

On Wednesday, July 23, as part of Lincoln Center Festival’s stunning Gate|Beckett series, an audience of some 75 Samuel Beckett devotees gathered in Lincoln Center’s Stanley H. Kaplan Penthouse to listen to Gate Theatre director Michael Colgan, actor Barry McGovern (I’ll Go On), and John Collins, Founder and Director of New York’s Elevator Repair ServiceRead more..

Mother, Life, Landscape, and the Connection

Edna O’Brien returns to world of The Country Girls in The Light of Evening, with the mother-daughter relationship as the main theme. “A writer’s life is like an athlete’s life. You train every day of your life and even then it may not be as good as one had hoped,” says Edna O’Brien, who hasRead more..

Waiting for Beckett:
Remembrance of a Meeting on the Boulevard of Saint Jaques

April 13, 2006. Beckett’s 100th birthday. In anticipation of that April, April future of Aprils past, I recall the first time I ever met him, Beckett, on now into a second decade, the man with the baggy greatcoat, the grey-shocked hair and the yellowed packs of Dutch cigars, sitting by himself in the lobby ofRead more..