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The Best of the Irish Diaspora Honored in Dublin

Ten members of the global Irish diaspora, including Irish America’s own editor-in-chief Patricia Harty, received Ireland’s top honor for civilians living abroad for service to the Republic of Ireland. The ceremony, held November 30 at Áras an Uachraráin, the official residence of the president of Ireland. In addition to Patricia Harty, three other U.S. residentsRead more..

First Word:
American Dreamers

“Life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement regardless of social class or circumstances of birth.” —The definition of the American Dream by James Truslow Adams, 1931 ℘℘℘ Congratulations to our Business 100 honorees and our Keynote Speaker Bill McDermott, CEO of SAP. You exemplify our culturalRead more..

Photo Album: A Visit to Santa

Christmas, 1959 One Christmas was so much like another in those years, to borrow a line from Dylan Thomas. My mother began the preparations in autumn. The plum pudding was stirred for good luck, then tied in gauze and seamed in a bowl on top of the our wood-burning Stanley stove. The big square ChristmasRead more..

First Word:
Tabhair dom do Lámh

“If you really want to help society, you have to figure out a way to share all the lessons that you’ve learned.” – Tim Ryan Congratulations to all our honorees on this the 20th anniversary of our Wall Street 50. Some things have changed in the 20 years since we began to explore the relationshipRead more..

First Word: “Did Ye Get Healed?”

“I wanna know did you get the feelin’? / Did you get it down in your soul? / I wanna know did you get the feelin’? And did the feelin’ grow? / Sometimes, when the spirit moves me / I can do many wondrous things / I wanna know when the spirit moves you /Read more..

First Word:
The Joys of Cooking

Our cover story on top chef and restauranteur, Barbara Lynch got me thinking about my first forays into cooking, which involved wrestling with a Stanley wood-burning stove. I have fond memories of that black-iron beast, and the time I spent practically hugging it for the warmth that it threw off. Always cold as a child,Read more..

The First Word:
“It’s Not What You Look at. It’s What You See.”

“We’re the nation that just had six of our scientists and researchers win Nobel Prizes – and every one of them was an immigrant.” – @POTUS 3:40 PM • Oct. 13, 2016. President Obama on Twitter when the 2016 Nobel Prizes were announced. Welcome to our eighth annual Hall of Fame issue. Our inductees representRead more..

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day Parades in the U.S.

Some of the biggest and best celebrations of Ireland’s patron saint actually take place in America. New York may have the largest parade in the country, but it’s followed closely by Savannah, Georgia. And while the Boston parade has a long history, the Holyoke, Massachusetts parade rivals it for sheer color and gaiety. Here’s aRead more..

First Word: How Looking Back Has Helped us Face Forward

As you will see when you turn the pages, we couldn’t stop with the photographs in this commemorative issue. From North America to Argentina, Australia to Ireland, and places in between, we bring you pictures of school children and senior citizens, native Irish and the descendants of Irish immigrants in far off lands, paying tributeRead more..

First Word: A Nation of Immigrants?

“Immigration policy should be generous; it should be fair; it should be  flexible. With such a policy we can turn to the world, and to our own past, with clean hands and a clear conscience.” – John F. Kennedy  ℘℘℘ This past Thanksgiving, as I made my way to a home-cooked meal with friends, I couldn’tRead more..