Three Rock Mountain, which forms part of the group of hills in the Dublin Mountains.

Dublin’s Fair County

Seaside villages, mountains and castles. There’s more to Dublin than its famed city. ℘℘℘ I thought I knew Dublin. I’ve spent lots of time in the capital and even accompanied friends from other countries on trips to tourist sites such as Trinity College and the Guinness Storehouse. Surely I’d seen all there was to see of Dublin’s fair city? On a recent trip, I realized how wrong I...

The American Cemetery at Colleville-sur-Mer, just above Omaha Beach. Photos by John Fay.


An Irish American takes a family trip to Normandy’s WWII battle site. This June marks the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings when the United States and her allies, primarily Britain and Canada, launched the air and sea assault on Nazi-occupied France that marked the beginning of the long eastward march to Berlin and the end of the Second World War. Starting on June 6, 1944, thousands of...

The Wicklow Mountains, Co Wicklow. Photo by Michelle Meagher.

All Around Ireland

Michelle Meagher’s photographs of her first trip to Ireland. Wicklow Mountains, County Wicklow. This panoramic view of the Wicklow Mountains and Lake is my favorite of all the pictures I captured on my very first trip to Ireland over the summer. My boyfriend, Brendan, who acted as my tour guide, pulled over on an almost nonexistent shoulder so I could take a few photographs of one of...

Donegal's majestic Mount Errigal. Courtesy of Tourism Ireland.

Donegal: The Forgotten County

An appreciation by Enda Cullen. Apologies to readers from other counties but my mother used to say that Donegal and Clare people were the friendliest people in Ireland.  She has passed on to a better place now and I never found out why she thought that, but like most of her beliefs I have found them to be true. As a family we always went to Donegal on holiday.  It could be Downings in the north...

Beehive huts on Skellig Michael; Little Skellig peaking out of clouds in background. County Kerry, Ireland. Photo: Chris Ryan.

A Sacred Place: Skellig Michael

Photographer and writer Chris Ryan visited the larger of the two Skellig Islands off the Iveragh Peninsula in County Kerry, where an early-medieval monastery survives at the edge of the material world. Start at the Dublin offices of Google or Facebook, drive to the southwest tip of Ireland, hop a boat, journey seven miles out to sea, and climb 600 steps clinging to the edge of a steep, jagged...