John Saunders is president and CEO of public relations giant FleishmanHillard and Irish America's 2016 Business 100 Keynote Speaker. Photo by Kit DeFever. All other photos courtesy of John Saunders.

The Image Maker

FleishmanHillard president and CEO John Saunders is Irish America’s 2016 Business 100 Keynote Speaker. He believes brands get the reputation they deserve, and he wants to keep it that way by holding them to responsible, authentic, and purpose-driven missions and practices. ℘℘℘ It all began with a horse race. It was late 1985 when the news broke that Budweiser would begin sponsoring the...

Irish America celebrates the 31st annual Business 100.

The 2016 Business 100

Now entering its fourth decade, the Irish America Business 100 has a long history of providing recognition to a fundamental core of American business. It can be easy to assume that the Irish in America and their descendants are a monolithic bloc, but as this list has continually shown, there is no single story of Irish American success, interest, venture, or course. Those we celebrate here come...

Jerpoint Abbey, Co. Kilkenny. The chief delight of the Abbey is the sculptured cloister arcade with unique carvings. (Photos courtesy Tourism Ireland)

Ireland’s Ancient South East

A stroll through Ireland’s mystical past, from ancient castles and rugged stone monuments to lively taverns and modern day crafts.  ℘℘℘ I recently paid a visit to Ireland’s Ancient East. What’s that, you say? You haven’t heard of such a place? Well, I was once the same as you. In fact, I was skeptical about the very idea of it. But now I’m a convert and I’m writing this article...

Gerald Murphy, Ginny Carpenter, Cole Porter, and Sara  Murphy.

The Fabulous Murphys

Gerald Murphy and his wife, Sara, were the golden couple at the center of glamorous expatriate life in Paris and the Riviera in the 1920s, with a social circle that included many of the great artists and writers of the day. Michael Burke goes behind the scenes to look at the dynamic Murphy family’s early beginnings. ℘℘℘ Patrick: The Salesman Patrick Francis Murphy, one of 13 children of...

Shanley being congratulated by Mayor La Guardia, 1937. Photo: Library of Congress.

Dead Shot Mary

New York City police officer and detective Mary Agnes Shanley (1896-1989) was the first policewoman to use a gun in an arrest. She made over 1,000 collars in her career and, at just 160 pounds, had the strength to subdue an adult male. ℘℘℘ Born in 1896, Mary Shanley and family left the poverty of Ireland for the mean streets of Manhattan. Growing up it seemed to her that it was the police...