Horses on the island of Inismore.

Sláinte! The Irish and their Horses

Irish horses are much more than the stuff of legend ℘℘℘ It is spring. The foals are being born. In their gawky, long-legged honor, I give you the saga of the Irish and their horses. It is a history that stretches across centuries. It is a tale of friendships and working partners. It is a romance born of the land, nurtured by necessity and fastened by ancient bonds. It is one of the oldest...

Shamrock on an Irish Defense Forces U.N. beret.

Sláinte! The Little Clover

Slainte columnist Edythe Preet explores the story behind Ireland’s national symbol. ℘℘℘ Telling anyone with even just one drop of Irish blood there’s no such thing as a shamrock would be akin to announcing at Mass that the Pope isn’t Catholic. But it’s true. Before you cry “Blasphemy!” let me explain. The word “shamrock” is an anglicized form of the Irish term seamir og,...

Dublin's Christchurch Cathedral at Christmas. Photo: Tourism Ireland.

Sláinte! The Joyous Season

Ireland’s ancient Christmas traditions and the magic of Newgrange.  ℘℘℘ The winter holidays are a time to gather with family and friends, to share abundance, to feast, to reflect on joyful memories, and to hope the future will be peaceful and prosperous for all. It seems someone is slicing a fruitcake or pouring a glass of holiday cheer wherever one goes. Bombarded as we are by Madison...

A fairy ring, also known as fairy  circle. Since ancient times, naturally occurring rings of mushrooms were taken as a sign of  otherworldly presences.

Sláinte! The Magic of Mushrooms

From fairy rings to the perfect Thanksgiving side dish, mushrooms have fascinated people since antiquity.  ℘℘℘ Alert! Savvy insider grocery tip I’ve kept secret for several decades ahead! One crisp November afternoon while shopping for my Thanksgiving feast ingredients, I was selecting perfect mushrooms one by one from an overflowing display for my yummy wild rice side dish. I was so...

"Rosie the Riveter," by Norman Rockwell.

Sláinte! Women Rule

“I was elected by the women of Ireland who, instead of rocking the cradle, rocked the system.” – Mary Robinson, President of Ireland, 1990 – 1997 ℘℘℘ Several months ago, when 2016’s presidential campaign launched with more hoopla than has been seen in U.S. politics for more than a century, a Dublin-born friend told me he was placing his bet that, for the first time in American...